Dan Reisinger

Born in Yugoslavia in 1934, Dan Reisinger immigrated to Israel at the age of 15. While he was living in a transit camp, a government delegation noticed his paintings and urged Reisinger's father to send him to Bezalel, Israel's well-known art and design school. As a graphic designer Reisinger won the first price for a poster he designed for "Expo 58" in Brussels, Belgium, and he is featured as one of the 52 top graphic designers from 10 countries in the book "Top Graphic Designers." Reisinger has designed more than 200 social, political and cultural images as well as more than 150 logos that are familiar symbols in Israel. For the Museum of Modern Art in New York he designed a perpetual cutout calendar.

Among his best-known artistic works are a wall relief at Yad Vashem and 52 paintings that illustrate the martyrdom of the Jewish people. The latter, also made as serigraphs, are on permanent exhibit at the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora in Israel.
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Land! Do Not Hide My Blood
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Alone with Everyone
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Mainz A Nobe Heritage
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Of Children that were Captured

Our Talmud was Burned
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The Chosen People

The Valley of Tears

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